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If you are a Video Producer of any kind, a Free Lance, a Contractor or an employee, you must know that your client is the boss of you, and your boss is your client. Regardless of the type of videos you produce, and given that you have high standards wen it comes to your work, your relationship with your clients is what determines your success or failure in this field.

Other than respecting Times, Deadlines and Commitments, Here are 10 things you should always do to maintain a good relationship with your clients and to ensure that your work is up to your standards.

1- Communicate

Your clients might have any level of video production knowledge. And therefore you should communicate your vision in a way they understand and can visualize. If you are a good communicator, words might help you. But even if you are the best in relaying ideas, more often than you think you will find yourself needing other ways of communication to deliver your ideas across. Whether it be a storyboard, presentation or a draft video, explore your options to communicate your ideas efficiently with your clients.

2- Listen

You are a creative professional with many years of experience under your belt. Although it is hard to see your perfect vision twisted and changed, always remember that your Client has the final word and it's always their vision over yours.

3- Interpret

Your Clients might not always talk your language (the video production language). Sometimes they don't really know how to communicate what they want, and a lot of times they don't even know what they want. Guide them through it, use visuals or other examples to help them get their ideas across.

4- Be a Champion and a leader

Your Client hired you for your skills and your experience. It's true that they have the final say, that does not mean to just do what they ask you to do. Raise flags, communicate, exchange ideas, and most importantly always lead them to the best result within their vision and budget.

5- Be courteous

So many times I have heard the sentence "I don't have to do that" or "I'm not paid to do that". Go the extra mile for your clients, do a bit more than what you are asked to do. This is a vital practice that goes a long way in your career.

6- Be patient

Your clients might have unrealistic requests, frustrating questions and will almost always request modifications or changes to the final product - Sometimes a while after the job is finalized or right before the deadline. Be patient, calm and polite about it, anticipate what's coming. After all it's part of the job.

7- Be positive

Approach problems with a "Can-Do" Attitude, it will ease off the stress of your clients, and if your clients are relaxed, you are relaxed, and you get to enjoy your work more.

8- Work with heart.

Put yourself in your client's shoe's. Treat this video as if it's your very own, after all your name is linked to that work. So regardless of the amount of money you are pocketing, always put your best foot forward.

9- Be available.

This has to be one of the most important practices. Never ignore your clients, pick up the phone whenever they call you, or get back to them as soon as possible, answer their messages or e-mails promptly. Clients might communicate with you in any mean possible, sometimes through that Instagram account you never use. Do your best to always be available for them.

10- Be Humble

The Down to earth guy wins more hearts than the cocky guy. No matter what level you are at, regardless of who your connections are and what big names your portfolio has. you should treat the local old-timer bakery owner who is willing to invest 200$ on a short video of himself making bread so that his son can post it for him on Facebook, the same way you treat the CEO of Porsche. With nothing less than full respect, courtesy, politeness and everything mentioned above.

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